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Cayman Islands Grants


The Cayman Islands Crisis Center (CICC)The Children and Youth Programme (KYD $32,000)
The CICC is a Cayman non-profit providing a 24-hour toll free crisis line, emergency shelter for abused women and their children, public education about domestic abuse and sexual assault, and an aftercare program.  The Children and Youth Program provides therapy and behavioral/academic activities for school aged children who have been abused or have witnessed abuse and who accompany their mothers to the CICC Emergency Shelter Program. HFC Cayman funds will support the Children & Youth Case Manager who will also engage in community outreach activities. The CICC will also conduct a research project in the Cayman Islands to determine the existence and the scale of the aggressive/controlling relationships amongst teens.

Cayman Islands Red Cross“Protection Starts Here” Campaign (KYD $19,500)
Cayman Islands Red Cross is a branch of the British Red Cross with a mission to protect human dignity by helping vulnerable people in crisis. The “Protection Starts Here” Campaign is a child sexual abuse prevention project targeting youth workers, volunteers, and adults in the community. The primary goal of the project is to increase understanding and knowledge of child sexual abuse in order to prevent its occurrence. HFC Cayman funds will support public service announcements in the local media, creation of a DVD tool, and a safety certification for youth serving organizations that are actively taking steps to protect youth in their care.

Department of Counselling Services (DCS)Family Resource Centre (KYD $65,000)
The Department of Counselling Services is a governmental agency that provides high-quality, cost-effective counseling and treatment services in the Cayman Islands. The Family Resource Centre is a unit of DCS that works to strengthen family life and prevent domestic violence and child abuse through a variety of programs. The Family Resource Centre also spearheads public awareness campaigns aimed to strengthen families and individuals. HFC Cayman funds will support the Family Resource Centre’s administrative staff and sessional workers for the parenting programs.

Health Services Authority (HSA)Child Sexual Abuse Intervention & Treatment Program (KYD $60,517)
The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority is the primary health care services provider and administrator in the Cayman Islands. The Child Sexual Abuse Intervention & Treatment Program provides education, treatment, and counseling for child abuse victims and their families to minimize the pain and trauma of abuse. The program also provides child abuse identification and treatment training for hospital staff, forensic data gathering, and cross-agency collaboration. HFC Cayman funds will support the child psychologist and the development of an internship program to cultivate Caymanian nationals as child abuse treatment specialists.

Ministry of Education, Employment, & Gender Affairs (MOE) School-Based Study and Intervention for Children (Better Futures Project) (KYD $16,500)
The Ministry of Education, Training, Employment, Youth, Sports & Culture is responsible for the provision of quality education to children enrolled within Cayman Islands schools. The Better Futures program provides young children with a comprehensive school-based child abuse prevention education. HFC Cayman funds will support training on child abuse reporting policy for school staff members and implementation of school-based personal safety programs for children.

Ministry of Education, Employment, & Gender Affairs (MOE) / Cayman Islands Red CrossIt’s Not Your Fault Project (KYD $20,000)
The Ministry of Education, Training, Employment, Youth, Sports & Culture, in conjunction with the Cayman Islands Red Cross, will provide the “It’s Not Your Fault” child abuse and neglect prevention program as a pilot at a local secondary school. The program is designed for youth ages 12 to 18 and offers workshops that identify what the rights of youth are, what abuse and neglect are, why abuse and neglect occur, and how to receive help, among other topics. HFC Cayman funds will support training in and implementation of the new program.

National Council of Voluntary Organizations (NCVO)Nadine Andreas Residential Foster Home (KYD $25,000)
The National Council of Voluntary Organizations is a non-profit charitable organization that helps community members struggling from economic hardship and child neglect and abuse, with a focus on helping children. The Nadine Andreas Residential Foster Home houses up to ten children ranging in age from five to seventeen years of age who have been placed in care by the Department of Children and Family Services and the Courts because of maltreatment. HFC Cayman funds will support the Care Manager’s work with an aftercare program to prepare and support youth who age out of the home to live independently in the community. 


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